Trillion Energy

Trillion Energy is a natural gas producer rapidly developing clean Natural Gas in the Black Sea Region. The Company has ramped up production of its Black Sea Natural Gas field, with 4 wells completed to date representing three new discoveries and 6 new wells on the way for the later half of 2023. Recent reports show reserves grew by 426% for Natural Gas and Oil highlighting a bright future ahead for the company. As of March 2023, Natural gas is sold at a high price of $17.6/MCF USD with costs to produce expected to be less than $3 MCF including Royalties, thus, allowing for substantial EBITA to ramp up between 2023-2024 quickly.

Trillion has a 49% interest in SASB natural gas project which is the focus now of its development efforts. The Western Black Sea region was home to the largest discovery in Europe for 30 years in 2021, with the discovery of the Sakura gas field by TPAO, 100 Miles north of Trillion’s SASB gas field. The Company believes that the seismic data shows substantial exploration upside in the region. For more information download Trillion’s investor deck located at

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