George Glasier | Western Uranium Corp: Near-Term Producer in the USA

George Glasier joins Bill Powers at PDAC 2017 to discuss Western Uranium Corporation. George is the founder, president and CEO of Western Uranium, a near-term producer in the USA. He has over 30+ years in the uranium industry which formerly includes being the founder and president of Energy Fuels. George was at the helm of Energy Fuels when the share price rose a dramatic 45 times in just one year in 2006-2007.

Topics Discussed:
0:30 Overview of Western Uranium Corporation
1:25 Reasons why Western uranium has huge upside potential
2:20 Ablation mining technology & its advantages
4:25 Vanadium’s uses and applications
5:20 Price forecast for vanadium
5:40 How western’s vanadium resources reduces its U308 mining costs
6:55 Western’s verified uranium resources
7:35 Price forecast for uranium
8:00 Western’s future production
8:20 What moves uranium mining shares on a daily basis
10:05 Western is currently undervalued by the market
11:00 Future growth prospects

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