Bill Powers

MiningStockEducation.com exists to introduce the extreme profit potential of the natural resource sector to the investor by providing educational resources, interviews with industry professionals, investment ideas, mining company presentations and interviews with mining company CEO’s.

MiningStockEducation.com is operated by Bill Powers, a focused and determined family man who is always seeking to multiply his hard-earned money through investment vehicles for the betterment of his family. After many years of investing in physical precious metals, he began to research investing in the actual companies that mine gold and silver metals out of the ground. During a commodity up-cycle, Bill became convinced of the extreme profit potential of investing in high-quality producers and proven explorers and developers. Within six months of his first investment in the mining sector, he saw gains of 1,000% in his personally-managed brokerage account. Since then he has continued to study diligently about the resource sector and has begun to share and compile this wealth of information with those who desire to learn, invest, and profit from mining stock investments.

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