David Erfle | Early-stage Exploration CEO’s Shouldn’t Wear $10k Suits

David Erfle is a self-taught mining investor and also a weekly commentator for Kitco. After studying the potential of the junior gold mining sector to multiply wealth, in the mid-2000’s he sold his home and invested the proceeds into junior gold mining companies. His brokerage account subsequently tripled in value and then he quit his job and has been a full-time mining stock investor for the last decade. In this video, David shares regarding his journey of investing in mining stocks and offers advice and insights to natural resource investors.

0:05 Introducing David Erfle
0:20 How David Erfle began investing in mining stocks
4:55 David’s approach to mining stock investing
6:55 Good early-stage exploration CEO’s don’t wear $10k suits
7:50 Identify value, not fall for promotion
9:10 How David survived a bear market in commodities
10:15 David’s thoughts on uranium & other hot commodities
11:40 David’s thoughts on gold
14:10 Info regarding David’s website and subscription


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