Jordan Roy-Byrne | Role of Technical Analysis in Junior Resource Investing

Jordan Roy-Byrne offers his insights regarding the role of technical analysis in junior resource investing. Jordan is the editor and publisher of and The Daily Gold Premium. He is the author of the 2015 book “The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market” and the host of The Daily Gold podcast. Jordan’s expertise is in the field of Technical Analysis as he is a Chartered Market Technician and also holds a Master of Financial Technical Analysis.

0:05 Introduction of top and guest
0:47 How Jordan came to focus on technical analysis (TA) and gold
3:43 Challenges of applying TA in the junior resource space
8:03 How to use TA to asses low liquidity micro-cap explorers
10:02 Applying TA to explorers, developers & producers respectively
12:18 Applying the TA of GDXJ to a specific potential junior miner investment
15:22 Which is more important in junior resource investing…Fundamental or Technical analysis?
17:23 Is fundamental analysis more important than technical analysis for commodity price forecasting?
19:25 Concluding advice on how to use TA in junior resource investing
21:17 Info regarding The Daily & The Daily Gold Premium services

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