David Erfle regarding Silver, Tax-Loss Selling, Junior Resources & the Uranium Market | KE Report

On Tuesday December 19, 2017, Corey Fleck of the KE Report interviewed David Erfle (www.juniorminerjunky.com) regarding silver, tax-loss selling, the junior resource market and the uranium market.

Key Highlights:

-GDXJ and the silver shares are leading the sector.  This is a bullish sign for the precious metals.

-David Erfle is optimistic on the precious metals sector now.

-David expects strong moves in the mining shares in January.

-It is still a stock-pickers market.  You have to do your due diligence when selecting mining stocks now.

-Now is a good time to buy higher-risk seasonal (i.e. northern) explorers at depressed prices.  The northern drill season will start again in May.  Invest in explorers that are cashed-up and won’t need to raise funds soon.

-The last few weeks have provided investors with a “half-off” sale due to seasonality and tax-loss selling.

-David is looking more positively upon the uranium sector now that the oversupply situation is being addressed with Cameco and Kazatomprom initiating supply cuts.  David only recommends putting a small percentage of one’s portfolio in uranium stocks because if there is one nuclear incident (like Fukushima in 2011) the uranium stocks get devastated.  David thinks the uranium sector has bottomed.

-Even though the uranium oversupply situation may last longer, if you buy a cashed-up miner with good share structure and good management, the stock should rise and then eventually rise dramatically.


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