Learning to accept less is key to earning more | Shyam Sekhar

The following advice to investors comes from a 7-tweet idea shared by Shyam Sekhar

‘s blog on Bamboo investing using Chinese Bamboo as a metaphor. ‘s evocative article on how we need to wait years earning nothing; then one year gives us exceptional returns. Learning to accept less is key to earning more. Practise it in 2018.  Learning to keep the mind still with an investment idea is the ultimate investment tool. Hold your thoughts focused on the idea, it’s merits and demerits. Get a 360 degree view of the idea.  Watching how others race won’t make you into a great racer. Knowing how you want to race is an internal learning. Your race needs a pace you are comfortable with. Fix your pace and run your race. Ignore others.  In every race, there will be pace setters. They only run faster for shorter bursts of time. Pace setters don’t win races. Winners don’t act as pace setters. Winners use pace setters in their pursuit of winning.  Annual returns are a mugs game. Often, many years are spent only working on ideas, fine tuning the their investment hypotheses, validating their premise and building our investment positions in them.  Some years are spent watching investment grow to harvest stage. A lot of time is spent keeping close watch on when to harvest. The harvest usually is short and swift. Then, it is back to the preparation stage. Life slows down as we till the mind, prepare it and sow new ideas.  We raise an idea for years, then harvest it swiftly. We then seek to rapidly increase the pace, cropping time and harvest of the next idea. When we alter the cropping pattern of our investing, we mostly come a cropper.

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