2018 Gold & Silver Price Predictions by Tom Cloud

Tom Cloud is the Chairman of the Board of Cloud Resources Group, Inc. and has a long and successful advisory track record in both financial planning and tangible assets. His expertise as a financial counselor and thorough knowledge of the products he recommends has attracted an impressive list of individuals and major institutions from across the United States. He believes in combining his knowledge of scripture with his knowledge of investing. Since 1977, Mr. Cloud has devoted his attention to all areas of tangible asset investing offering a “hands on” approach to each and every Cloud Resources Group, Inc. client.

On the January 11 episode of the Follow the Money podcast, host Jerry Robinson interviewed Tom regarding what he sees for Gold and silver in 2018.   Before Tom shared his outlook, he first recapped last years predictions.  Last year before the start of 2017, Tom predicted gold would go up 10% for the year.  Gold actually rose 12.5% in 2017.

In 2018, Tom predicts gold will go up at least 15% in 2018.  Tom considers this a very reasonable expectation.  If this prediction is true, then gold would close 2018 around $1,500/ounce.  But if the USD slips another 3-4%, Tom would not be surprised to see gold have a 25% gain on the year.  Tom believes there is a 50/50 chance we will see a gold-backed currency in China.  Tom sees “unbelievable demand from Asia” and higher premiums being paid for gold by Asian investors.

Silver was Tom’s biggest missed predication for 2017.  He predicted silver would rise 15% but it actually only rose 5.1% in 2017.  For 2018, Tom forecasts at least a 20% gain in silver.  From $16.94/ounce at the start of 2018, Tom sees it closing 2018 at a minimum of $20/oz.  The biggest indicator/driver of a rising silver price in 2018 is that Tom’s source in Asia tells him that JP Morgan and others are “very close to, if not going long, at least going neutral” in the silver futures markets.  The source that Tom trusts the most says there is “no way” people will be shorting silver at the end of March.  Tom believes people need to position themselves in silver as soon as possible because of an imminent rise in price that can be explosive.

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