Energy Fuels Responds to Erroneous New York Times Column

Good Afternoon:

Well, it happened again.  This morning, the New York Times published what can only be described as a “hit piece” on Energy Fuels and the U.S. uranium mining industry.  The article was full of innuendo, half-truths, obfuscation, and conspiracies, including a major distortion of our position on Bears Ears National Monument, which can be read in our 12/23/2017 press release here:  Energy Fuels Supports Bears Ears National Monument.

Unfortunately, today we live in a highly-politicized and inflammatory media environment.  We tried conveying the facts to the reporter on the many issues she unsuccessfully tries to cover in her article, including extensive ‘on-the-record’ written statements and answers to her questions.  Regrettably, little of our outreach made it into the article, because the facts apparently didn’t fit with her preconceived narrative.  Nevertheless, we plan to reach out to the New York Times, and we hope they are willing to sit down and listen to the truth.

Uranium is not a partisan Left/Right issue.  Energy Fuels has received enormous support in recent years from agencies in both the Obama and Trump Administrations, along with agencies in the states in which we operate.  The U.S. generates nearly two-thirds of our non-emitting, zero-carbon electricity from nuclear energy, which is critical to combatting air pollution and climate change. This energy is fueled by uranium.

We invite the New York Times to sit down and talk to us.  And, after a productive discussion, we hope they will better understand our industry and issue extensive corrections (or an outright retraction) of this misleading story.

Thank you.


Mark Chalmers

President and Chief Operating Officer of Energy Fuels

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