The Serious Mining Stock Investor Should Attend PDAC 2018

by Bill Powers, Mining Stock Education

If you were given the opportunity to access first-hand information that could help you make the best mining investment decisions, would you be willing to commit a few days in order to potentially produce extreme investment returns?  In a sector such as mining where investment wealth can either quickly multiply or be depleted, the key factor to success or failure is the investor’s knowledge and its wise application.  As the mining industry’s most-anticipated event of the year, the Prospector and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) Convention comes to Toronto every March and affords the mining stock investor access to the top-tier knowledge needed for success.  The PDAC Convention brings together the best analysts, mining executives, geologists, prospectors, mining financiers, investors, and government officials as it is the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention.  PDAC’s annual convention has become the epicenter of finding mining investment opportunities and obtaining crucial insight for the investor.

Attending the PDAC Convention offers mining stock investors the opportunity to interview mining company management face-to-face.  Looking company management in the eye and asking probing questions offers insights that a published company fact sheet or presentation cannot provide.  Rick Rule, President of Sprott US Holdings, has stated that an indispensable part of the resource investor’s due diligence process is the interviewing of mining company management.  Each year at the annual PDAC Convention, there are up to 500 booths at the Investor’s Exchange staffed with company personnel eager to engage investors and answer questions that can equip you to make better decisions about where to invest your money.

Due to its diverse global representation, the PDAC Convention allows the investor the opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge of jurisdictional opportunities and risks.  “The PDAC Convention is renowned for bringing countries across the world together each year, including international governments and representatives who oversee mining operations,” says Glenn Mullan, President of PDAC.  Accurately assessing jurisdictional risk is crucial to a speculator’s success.  Professional mining stock investor and newsletter writer David Erfle emphasizes this importance: “Attending PDAC each year is a must for any resource speculator. Since jurisdictional risk is so important when considering a particular resource speculation, PDAC is a wonderful vehicle for research as I am able to speak with not only management of numerous firms, but also with dignitaries from some of the countries in which they operate.”  At last year’s PDAC Convention, 130 countries were represented, affording the investor the opportunity to speak with pertinent representatives from all over the world.  The upcoming 2018 PDAC conference will grant you this same opportunity to evaluate jurisdictional opportunities and risks first-hand.

The value of first-hand assessment of investor sentiment cannot be understated.  Just like looking company management in the eye and asking probing questions offers insights that a published fact sheet cannot, so does attending the world’s largest and foremost mining convention offer a tangible feel of investor sentiment that cannot be gleaned from a paper or website.  “Sentiment also plays a huge role when timing the entry into junior resource investments, so the attendance and mood at the PDAC conference is always a very useful indicator of market sentiment as well,” says David Erfle.  With over 24,000 attendees from all over the world, hundreds of presenting companies, and nearly 500 professional speakers on a variety of mining, commodity, and investment-related topics, PDAC gives you an excellent sentiment indicator regarding this sector.

Attending the PDAC Convention this year is a must for the serious resource investor who seeks to increase his or her probability of success.  The investment you will make in your ongoing education by attending PDAC will pay for itself many times over.  And the first-hand knowledge and relationships you will gain will help equip you in all your future mining investment decisions.  The 2018 PDAC Convention will be held March 4-7, 2018 in downtown Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  More information and registration is available at


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