“If and when gold goes under $1,000/oz, my plan is to buy a lot of gold” | Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, author of “Street Smarts” joins Sprott Media’s Remy Blaire at the NASDAQ MarketSite to consider risks and opportunities on the investment horizon. Rogers offers his take on geopolitical and political risk around the globe and discusses the implications of potential scenarios.

Key summary points:

-Jim said that he will be buying “a lot” of gold “if and when gold goes under $1,000.”

-He owns gold and has not sold his gold

-Sugar is down 80% down from all-time high so is good potential investment

-Greatest risk and uncertainty to look out for is Washington D.C: “Watch out for everything but especially Washington D.C.,” Jim said.

-Jim said Zimbabwe is a mess but also poses great opportunity for investors.

-“Now is the time to buy commodities again”…”commodities are going to do better than stocks in the future,” Jim said.

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