Mining Investing Insights & Inspiration from the Mining Stock Education Podcast 2017/2018

This episode features some of the best resource investing insights and inspirational highlights from the past two years of the Mining Stock Education podcast. From mining CEO’s to successful retail mining investors to geologists to newsletter writers to fund managers managing hundreds of millions of dollars, you will hear a variety of perspectives on a variety of different topics relevant to your investing success.

0:05 Introduction
1:40 Warren Irwin on his first-hand experience with the Bre-X scam
12:19 David Erfle & Brian Leni on how they took the proceeds from the sale of their homes and tripled it through mining stock investing
16:04 Steve Todoruk on his approach to investing in discovery holes
21:21 Jayant Bhandari on profiting from arbitrage in the junior mining sector
24:37 Nick the @MiningBookGuy on why he focuses on lesser-followed, perhaps riskier mining jurisdictions
27:18 Sam Broom on responding to North American investors’ objections to investing in ASX-listed companies
31:06 Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic Silver CEO, on the difference between whether the banks are manipulating the silver price or “protecting their books”
33:39 Brien Lundin, editor of the Gold Newsletter, on whether economic or geo-political factors are the primary driver of the gold price
34:40 Chris Berry, President of House Mountain Partners, on how a retail mining investor can track the price of niche metals
37:10 Dave Kranzler, mining stock fund manager and editor of the Mining Stock Journal comments on shorting mining stocks and how he hedges his mining stock portfolio
44:36 Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings on how he vets younger, unproven mining CEO’s
47:42 Glenn Mullan, president of the PDAC, on how to prepare to attend a mining investment conference in order to maximize what you get out of it
49:05 Dave Mathewson, a serially-success gold exploration geologist on how much of a junior gold company’s budget should be spent on actual exploration
50:37 Brandon Munro, Bannerman Resources’ CEO, on what is corporate social responsibility and why the investor should care about it 55:47 Jamie Keech, co-founder and chief investment officer of Resource Insider, on whether a diligent, non-accredited, retail mining investor can achieve mining investment success without being a well-connected insider

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