Harvest Miracle Biolabs Announces Market Debut and Distribution Partnership

Cannabis nutrient formula Harvest Miracle™ expected to be “a game changer”

TORONTO, June 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Harvest Miracle Biolabs today announced the release of its liquid plant nutrient to the Canadian cannabis market, timed to coincide with the opening of Lift Cannabis Conference, the country’s largest cannabis expo. Drawing on years of scientific research and testing, Harvest Miracle is a liquid biostimulant specifically formulated for cannabis that delivers exceptional crop yields and plant protection.

“We are thrilled that to be commercially launching Harvest Miracle in the Canadian cannabis sector,” said Peter Nieforth, President and CEO of Harvest Miracle Biolabs. “This product embodies years of hard scientific work, research and testing. We’ve consulted closely with cultivators along the way, and we’ve developed a product that we’re confident will become an indispensable tool for cultivators of every size in the Canadian market.”

Harvest Miracle™ is a patent-pending, all-natural formula that promotes cannabis plant growth through two avenues. As a biostimulant, it radically improves the uptake of nutrients that are key to photosynthesis—the process that plants use to harness light and convert it into the energy needed for growth. And as a natural biocide, it provides a vigorous defence of plants against such stressors as pests, fungi and bacteria.

“Harvest Miracle is a real game changer,” noted Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. “By boosting nutrient absorption, it primes the plant for enhanced growth. And by fighting off stressors that can drain energy from the plant, it amplifies that growth even further. The overall result is remarkable: a healthy crop with a yield that is up to 25% higher, with no loss in quality.”

Distribution agreement secured with leader in hydroponics
The launch of Harvest Miracle™ into the Canadian market coincides with our exclusive distribution agreement with Green Planet Wholesale, the world’s premier hydroponic wholesaler. Speaking at the Lift conference, Green Planet President Steven Betts explained his company’s adoption of Harvest Miracle, “We see Harvest Miracle as a product with enormous potential for the industry. The first results we’ve seen—including the feedback we’ve gotten from cultivators—have really exceeded our expectations. In terms of yield, health and quality, Harvest Miracle delivers a huge boost to all the key metrics that cultivators are looking for.”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Green Planet,” added Mr. Nieforth. “Green Planet’s enthusiasm and confidence in Harvest Miracle™ is a true measure of just how good our product is. We look forward to working with Green Planet to advance the cannabis industry and to reaching cultivators across Canada, regardless of the scale of their operations.”

Enhanced quality: Harvest Miracle boosts terpenoids and cannabinoids
The Company’s confidence in its product derives from solid scientific testing on cannabis that has shown a dramatic increase in yields. Not only do crops using Harvest Miracle™ deliver greater yields than identical crops grown without Harvest Miracle™, but the likelihood that crops will be partially or entirely lost to such threats as powdery mildew is considerably diminished. In addition, Harvest Miracle™ also boosts terpenoid and cannabinoid content compared to a control crop—and unlike other formulas that increase yield, it does so without compromising taste, smell, appearance or overall benefits of the final product.

Harvest Miracle™ is available in bottles ranging from 1 to 20 litres at throughout the Green Planet Wholesale distribution network across Canada, and online for the Canadian market through the Green Planet website at www.mygreenplanet.com.

For more information please contact Peter Aterman, Media Relations at 416-944-3538 or email info@harvestmiracle.com

On Behalf of the management of Harvest Miracle Biolabs Corp.

Peter Nieforth
Chief Executive Officer

Harvest Miracle Biolabs is an independent scientific research and product manufacturing company based in Vancouver. Dedicated to advancing agricultural science, it is a socially responsible company that believes in improving the health, yield and quality of plant products in a way that is ethical and environmentally sustainable.

Harvest Miracle™ is only available in Canada. It is not available for resale or shipment to any other jurisdiction.

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