Pure Spodumene Nature of Piedmont Lithium Ore Body

  • XRD analysis confirms pure spodumene nature of Piedmont’s ore body

    • Absence of petalite and lepidolite in pegmatites expected to
      lead to high lithium recovery
  • Mineralogy consistent across Piedmont’s Core, Central, and
    Sunnyside properties
  • Piedmont on-track to release Resource, Metallurgy and Scoping Study
    updates in the next 60 days

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$PLL #LithiumPiedmont Lithium Limited (“Piedmont” or “Company”) is
pleased to announce the completion of mineralogical analysis on samples
of mineralized pegmatites and composite samples from Piedmont’s Core,
Central, and Sunnyside Properties. All testwork to date effectively
demonstrates that lithium occurs almost exclusively within spodumene in
Piedmont’s mineral resource.

Table 1: Average XRD Analysis Results from 46 Drill Core and
Composite Samples of Piedmont Ore
Mineralogy     Average Wt. (%) of Mineral Types
Core Property     Central Property     Sunnyside Property
    Semi-quantitative Samples

(13 Samples)

    Quantitative Samples

(19 Samples)

    Composite Variability Samples

(10 Samples)

    Quantitative Samples

(3 Samples)

    Quantitative Sample

(1 Sample)

Lithium-bearing minerals     Spodumene     17.8     19.9     16.6     15.9     14.8
    Holmquistite             0.5        
Non-lithium bearing minerals     82.2     80.1     82.9     84.1     85.2
Total     100     100     100     100     100

Piedmont has been advised that the character of its ore body is unusual
and highly positive, which will allow for a simplified flowsheet to
produce strong lithium recoveries. Many of the spodumene projects
currently producing or under development contain multiple
lithium-bearing minerals (petalite, lepidolite, zinnwaldite, etc. as
well as spodumene).

Keith D. Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “As
the market’s understanding of lithium processing evolves, it will become
increasingly clear that mineralogy and metallurgy are the fundamental
building blocks of a successful hard-rock lithium business.
testwork confirms what we have always suspected – the Carolina
Tin-Spodumene Belt is exceptional not only in scale but in terms of
When combined with the shallow nature of our ore body
and the capital and operating cost advantages of our location, we are
excited about the upcoming resource, metallurgical and scoping study

here to view the full ASX Announcement.


Keith D. Phillips
President & CEO
T: +1 973 809 0505
[email protected]

(Taso) Arima

Executive Director
T: +1 347 899 1522
E: [email protected]

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