Brian Leni | How To Assess Company Executives at Investment Conferences

To be successful at investing in early-stage, pre-revenue junior mining companies, you must be able to assess whether the management team leading the company is qualified and trustworthy.  In this interview, Brian Leni of shares advice on how he interacts with and assesses mining company management in person while attending investment conferences.  Brian also discusses his recent site visit to Amarillo Gold’s Mara Rosa project in Brazil and why he invested in the company.

To view the recent Live Investor Summit featuring Ken Berry, CEO of Northern Vertex Mining and Jamie Keech of Resource Insider click here:

Brian Leni’s recent site visit summary article:

0:05 Introduction

2:20 Key things to ascertain by meeting management at investment shows

5:12 Preferred company representative to speak to

11:50 Non-traditional questions for management

13:20 Amarillo Gold’s Mara Rosa project site tour

16:58 Discussing Amarillo Gold and investing in development companies

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