Jordan Roy-Byrne | Gold Will Rise Higher Than Gold Bulls Think, But Will Take Longer Than Expected

In this interview, Jordan Roy-Byrne of discusses the highlights of his new book, “The Coming New Bull Market In Gold: Why Precious Metals Investments Will Flourish In The 2020s & 2030s”.  Over the past several years Jordan’s macro-outlook for gold and the economy has evolved.  Jordan believes we will see gold prices higher than the most ardent gold bulls predict. However, it will take longer to see that happen than most bulls anticipate.

0:05 Introduction

1:32 How has your macro-view changed in the past several years?

6:41 Why do you believe the next major inflation and commodities peak could be in 2040?

13:15 Is your macro-view compatible with those that see a USD severe devaluation ahead?

17:20 Who will be the primary buyers of gold when the price runs up?

19:30 In light of your macro-view, how will you be playing the gold stocks?

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