Quad M Solutions targets entrepreneurs in exploding ‘Gig economy’ and shows them how to obtain quality and affordable health benefits

TOM’S RIVER, N.J., July 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quad M Solutions is pleased to announce that effective July 22, 2019, OTC Corporate Actions, the administration arm of FINRA, has officially approved the name change of Mineral Mountain Mining and Milling, Inc. to Quad M Solutions, Inc.

Following years of extensive research and careful analysis, Quad M is well-positioned to launch its true consumer-driven and user-friendly healthcare program to the small and medium-size employer (‘SME’) market. The company will commence the marketing and sales of its proprietary services and products to the SMEs, enabling them to self-insure and replace the unsustainable and fully insured major medical insurance plans.

Through the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, NuAxess 2, Inc., it will start marketing its comprehensive major medical health insurance benefits program to employers and their employees. The NuAxess Smart Plan is a proprietary Value-Based Health Plan that is expected to disrupt the current fully insured plan domination and put an individual’s healthcare control back into the hands of employers and their employees and their chosen doctors.

Quad M Solutions has developed several very robust sales channels, and it is excited about establishing its own staffing company, Quad M Staffing. The company will focus on workers engaged in freelancing, temp agency work, self-employment, part-time and subcontracted work, all of which are part of the nation’s ‘gig economy,’ which is estimated to be more than 30 million employees and is growing faster than other industry sectors.

CEO Pat Dileo commented, “We’re looking to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar health insurance market dominated by fully insured carriers who do not favor small group employers who want and need to work with medical providers in achieving better health outcomes at affordable and reasonable costs.”

Our proposed acquisition of Meritra Health will give the company its first entry into the small employer medical practice space, which is consistent with our goal of partnering with providers and becoming a leading innovator in the SME healthcare sector.

A genuine consumer driven disruption of our country’s broken health insurance industry, like no other, is now commencing. With technology and transparency leading the use of proprietary value-based plan designs this disruption will occur because its driven by true consumers with their chosen doctors. Americans will enjoy better care, better choices and better ways to manage their short and long-term healthcare needs. On top of that, it can be done with less hassle, less costs, less risk and less restrictions.

Pat Dileo, CEO
Quad M Solutions, Inc.

About Meritra Health

Meritra is a Healthcare group consisting of standard general practitioners and specialists’ offices and soon to have dedicated walk-in centers. As a unique and distinct group of trained professionals drawn together with one goal, better patient care, we are committed to providing the highest medical and ethical standards for our patients and communities. In doing so, we seek to transform the traditional inpatient care delivery model to a more efficient and effective system by combining superior information management technology with a reduction in variances in care delivery across our practice sites, increases in physician efficiency, improvement in patient outcomes and lowering the  length of stay and readmission rates.

About Quad M Solutions

Quad M Solutions is an Idaho-based, publicly traded, business services platform bringing middle market focused health care platform solutions through integrating medical staffing services with innovative healthcare and captive insurance solutions to communities across the United States. 

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