The Three Most Important Things in Precious Metals Right Now: Silver, Silver, Silver (Podcast for Sprott Money)

As the Labor Day weekend kicks off a three-day break from all the excitement, where should you be looking when the markets open up again? Eric Sprott returns to break down all the week’s gold and silver news, including:

• Why silver is poised for big gains

• What lower income and negative interest rates mean for precious metals

• Plus: Does GLD have all the gold they say they do?

“I’ve been a very busy guy in the silver space. There’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t invest something in some silver mine, some silver ore body. It’s, in my mind, the place to be. And here’s why I get particularly excited by it: I’m looking at the physical-ness of what’s going on in the silver market…. Coin sales are exploding! For example, Sprott Money’s sales are up 500%. I’ve heard of other guys that have had huge number of Silver Eagles that are selling… The short position in the COMEX keeps going up, the short position on the Shanghai Futures Exchange—which people should watch, by the way… These short positions are massive…”

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