Mines & Money Panel Discussion: How can the mining industry bridge the logjam from exploration to production (video)

A gold mine discovery made between 1950 -59 would have an 85% chance of becoming a mine. Today that figure is just 23%. It is becoming progressively more difficult, and slower, to convert a discovery into a mine. It is readily accepted that transition from exploration company to producer is one of the greatest risks of failure in a mine’s lifecycle, especially with so many projects being of non-investment grade as a consequence of Basel 3.

During this 45 minute webinar, our expert panel will discuss: – The main challenges at the exploration stage that lengthens the time to profitability – The due diligence process and how it can be improved – The financing options for mine development and construction – and more

Speakers include: – Jamie Strauss, CEO, Digbee

– Willem Middelkoop, Founder and CIO, Commodity Discovery Fund

– Jonathan Goodman, Executive Chairman, Dundee Corporation

– Jayant Bhandar, , Senior Analyst – Mining & Minerals & Institutional Investor Consultant, Anarcho Capital

– Andrew Thake, Head of Content, Mines and Money

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