OneGold Launches U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver at Spot Price

OneGold’s limited time offer makes owning U.S.-stored precious metals easy and economical

OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OneGold, Inc., a marketplace for digital precious metals, unveils two new investment products: U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver. Due to the growing demand for existing Vaultchain™ digital gold and silver products stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, OneGold decided to give investors the option of buying precious metals stored in the United States, as well. In order to introduce more investors to the safe-haven benefits of precious metals ownership, U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver can be purchased at spot price, with no premiums, for a limited time.

All digital U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver purchased from OneGold comes comprehensively insured against physical loss or damage by Lloyd’s of London, a trusted industry name for over 300 years. Plus, all precious metal holdings are verified by a nationally independent public accounting firm. Combined with the nearly unprecedented offer of no price premiums, rarely have investors been able to acquire precious metals with such peace of mind.

OneGold believes that every investor should have the opportunity to own assets that fit within their set of needs. “These two new products offer an appealing alternative for those who prefer U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver. Investors get all the same convenience, safety and security of Vaultchain™ digital ownership, with the added peace of mind that comes from storage locations within the United States,” said Kenneth Lewis, CEO of OneGold.

A collaboration between APMEX and Sprott, OneGold draws together two prestigious companies in the precious metals business. Developed using the digitally-verified security of blockchain, buyers can conveniently buy and sell gold and silver using a dynamic digital interface. OneGold is the first online marketplace where investors can buy, sell, redeem, and manage digital precious metals.

People who purchase U.S. Gold and U.S. Silver during this limited time offer will have access to immediate liquidity, 24/7 online purchasing and selling, and low-cost storage choices. OneGold strives to help everyone become a precious metals investor, and offering spot prices without premiums is just another way the company is advancing that mission. Once account setup is complete, you also have access to Vaultchain™ digital gold and silver to diversify your portfolio.

About OneGold

OneGold is a pioneering online platform for buying, selling and managing precious metals. It’s a collaboration between two of the precious metals industry’s most trusted institutions: APMEX, Inc, a leading retailer with over $10 billion in transactions, and global asset manager Sprott, Inc, a publicly-traded company with offices in Toronto, New York, California, and Vancouver. Sprott currently manages $7 billion in customer assets. For more information, visit, send an email to or call (800) 492-9144.


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