David McAlvany | U.S. Investor Interest in Gold Has Increased

David has served as CEO of the McAlvany Financial Group since 2008.  Portfolio management began with Morgan Stanley during the 2000 and 2001 tech crisis where he avoided major losses and benefited clients from the early stages of a commodity super cycle.  Founding MWM in 2008 he and his team managed portfolio positions through a second period of financial compression, maintaining positive returns throughout the global financial crisis.

In 2017, partnering with market short specialist Doug Noland, Tactical Short was launched as a hedging strategy for institutional and retail clients. He now oversees four portfolio styles (MAPS) with the collaboration of his team. He has over 20 years of involvement in the wealth management industry and is Author of the Intentional Legacy.

0:05 Introduction

1:52 Demographic of gold buyer in past 6 months?

3:58 What would it take to increase generalist investor interest in gold?

5:23 Hard currency reset possible?

10:17 Discussing gold ETF’s, gold stocks and gold bullion

12:52 Vaulted: buy gold from your smartphone

14:29 Discussing Glint Pay Services Ltd.’s bankruptcy

17:47 Difference between Vaulted and Goldmoney

19:39 Millennial interest in Vaulted and gold

24:58 Hard asset investing opportunities

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