Steve de Jong | Helping Increase Transparency and Accountability in The Mining Investment Sector

Stephen de Jong is the CEO and Co-founder of VRIFY. Stephen was the CEO of Integra Gold, a Quebec-focused gold exploration company. In five years at Integra Stephen built and led a team which successfully raised over $150 million in equity while growing the business from a valuation of $10M in 2012 through to its $590M sale to Eldorado Gold in 2017. Stephen’s passion lies in developing new technology to advance resource exploration into the future.

Until now mining companies have relied on two-dimensional tools to convey three-dimensional stories. People want information simplified, readily accessible, and presented in a digestible manner they can understand without a Ph.D. VRIFY’s mission is to refine stories down to simple, informative and visually compelling experiences which effortlessly communicate what matters, without all the noise.

VRIFY is leveraging technology to build a content driven platform which every investor and stakeholder alike will use to assess and evaluate a company’s value proposition. Success for us is divergence. VRIFY aims to be the filter that investors and stakeholders use to separate the good from the bad, the deep value from the empty promote. VRIFY’s mission is to be a transparent source of information kept current by those with nothing to hide and everything to gain.

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