Will Thomson | Best Uranium Investment Now Is Kazatomprom

Will Thomson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Massif Capital, LLC. He has experience in private equity and credit/political risk insurance, in addition to having served as a strategic and economic adviser to NATO/ISAF in Afghanistan. Will is a Graduate of Trinity College and holds a Masters in Government from Harvard University.

Massif Capital is a long/short equity fund focused on global opportunities in liquid real assets and industrials. The team’s work experience with governments in frontier markets, operational experience with growing energy companies, and time spent managing downside risk for project finance lenders gives them a unique edge.

Report by Massif Capital on the Uranium Market and KazatompromInitiating Report – KAP – January 2019 – Massif Capital

0:05 Introduction

1:16 Uranium market overview

4:56 Kazatomprom investment opportunity

10:12 Response to Marin Katusa’s advice to avoid “AK-47 nations”

16:47 How Will’s experience helped form his views on jurisdictional risk

18:31 USA’s section 232 decision’s impact on Kazatomprom

22:25 Key takeaways from meeting with Kazatomprom

26:20 Thoughts on Pala Investments’ acquisition of Cobalt 27

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