Cunningham Energy’s Lions Paw Pad Surpasses 100,000 Barrels of Oil Sold in Clay County, WV

CHARLESTON, W. Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cunningham Energy LLC has announced that the Lions Paw 4-Well Pad has surpassed 100,000 barrels of oil sold along with over 91mmcf of wet gas from its shallow horizontal wells which target the Big Injun Sandstone formation.

“This production milestone is further proof that millions of barrels of recoverable oil are waiting for shallow horizontal drillers and producers in West Virginia. Our drilling and completion methods continue to evolve and have crossed into an area economically where these new methods make it possible for the oil industry to flourish at today’s lower prices and compete with other basins around the world. There is an entirely new discovery process taking place in West Virginia’s older oilfields and it centers around shallow horizontal drilling and completion adopted from the shale industry. Most people are not even aware that commercial quantities of oil are produced in West Virginia, but at one time it was a major driver of the early petroleum industry,” said Ryan Cunningham of Cunningham Energy.

The company sees its shallow horizontal wells increasing in terms of oil recovery efficiency as techniques are constantly improved upon. Cunningham Energy’s President goes on to say, “Since 2013 our company has been pioneering these new adaptations of developing existing reserves that were overlooked by earlier technologies. The shallow horizontal drilling movement has the potential to re-invigorate areas of the State that have not seen real oil development in decades.”

About Cunningham Energy LLC

Cunningham Energy is currently permitting and drilling multiple new horizontal targets in Clay, Kanawha, and Wood Counties, West Virginia for 2019-2020. These drilling initiatives target the Big Injun, Weir, and Berea Sandstones respectively.

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