Junior Gold Sector Commentary by David Erfle from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Professional mining investor David Erfle offers his insights on the current junior gold sector from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. In this fast-moving discussion, David shares his assessment of sector sentiment, discusses some stocks in his portfolio and much more.

0:15 Introduction

1:12 Assessing sentiment at VRIC

2:25 What previous year does 2020 feel like?

3:15 How much cash versus equities in your portfolio?

3:52 Discussing how funds take positions in junior miners

4:48 Gold price commentary

6:03 Growth-oriented producer David likes

6:50 Do you like royalty companies now?

7:52 Playing the pump of hot stocks

9:53 How Eric Sprott is investing differently now than in last cycle

11:58 Bullish commodities?

12:30 Final advice

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