Rick Rule Reveals Possible 2020 Sleeper Commodity

Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott US Holdings, provides his insights on investing in today’s junior resource market and shares a possible 2020 sleeper commodity.  He shares thoughts on speculating in silver stocks as well as investment strategies he is stressing for this gold bull market.  Rick discusses how gold stocks might perform in a recession and additionally shares possible speculative ways to profit in a recession.  Furthermore, he provides his view regarding whether uranium speculators expectations are too high for the expected bull market. Rick ends the interview with insights on assessing mining company management teams.

0:05 Introduction

1:25 Silver stock speculating

4:30 Investment strategies for this gold bull market

8:28 Discussing Newmont Goldcorp

12:00 Gold stocks in a recession

14:40 Speculative profits in a recession

16:15 Incorporating macro political and economic analyses into an investment thesis

20:26 Possible 2020 sleeper commodities

23:58 Uranium speculators expectation too high?

27:20 Assessing management teams

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