Expert Resource Sector Commentary from Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights

Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert resource sector commentary in this interview.  He also discusses his thoughts on several different commodities and what investment vehicles speculators might utilize to play those commodities.  Throughout the discussion, Joe shares how he is positioning his personal resource stock portfolio.

Joe Mazumdar is co-editor and analyst at Exploration Insights.  Joe has an extensive, multi-decade background in working for both mining companies and the financial institutions that cover and invest in mining equities.  He possesses an excellent understanding of geology, the process of exploration and development, and what it takes to run and finance a mining company.

0:15 Introduction

0:55 Can all good projects get funded right now?

3:07 Uranium stock speculation now

5:13 Thoughts on copper

7:12 Type of Nevada project Barrick/Newmont Goldcorp will buy

10:12 Half of Joe’s portfolio is in prospect generators now

12:07 Do you invest in an explorer with news flow only once per year?

13:27 Thoughts on zinc and zinc juniors

14:39 Thoughts on tin

16:00 What Joe looks for in a commodity’s fundamentals

18:03 Bullish on palladium?

21:45 Thoughts on rhodium

23:55 Thoughts on rare earths

25:05 Final advice for 2020

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