Mining Stock Warrant Speculation Can Yield 5x Returns Versus the Underlying Stock | Dudley Baker

Dudley Baker focuses on mining stock warrant speculation for the extreme leverage and has experienced some very impressive returns in his portfolio.  For example, in 2017 Dudley sold his warrants of Northern Dynasty for well over $3.00 when he had purchased them for only 16.5 cents only seven months earlier.  Dudley says he looks for up to five times the performance out of the mining stock warrants versus the underlying stock.  In this interview Dudley shares his approach to mining stock warrant speculation.

Dudley Bakers’ website:

0:15 Introduction

1:47 Dudley’s journey into mining stock warrant speculation

5:44 Warrants can provide extreme leverage

9:50 Why some warrants are tradable and others not

11:32 Valuing a warrant

13:43 Northern Dynasty example: 16.5 cents to over $3 in 7mos.

15:48 Analyzing catalysts before buying warrants

18:32 Put no more than 20% of your portfolio in warrants

23:12 Discussing out-of-the-money warrants

27:56 Traits of a successful warrant speculator

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