Resource Fund Manager Matt Geiger Shares How He’s Positioning His Fund for 2020

Natural Resource fund manager Matt Geiger describes how he is positioning his fund’s portfolio right now for 2020.  The MJG Capital fund saw over 75% gains in 2019.  In this interview Matt shares insights on how he approaches investing in the mining sector. Some specific topics discussed are gold royalty space trends and opportunities, uranium sector investing advice, Ecuador as a mining jurisdiction, and what to look for in a potential development company investment.

0:15 Introduction

1:07 Recapping 2019 performance of over 75% gains

3:56 Positioning the fund for 2020

6:09 Gold royalty trends and investment opportunities

12:52 Base metal royalty valuation vs. gold royalties

15:34 Discussing uranium stocks

21:44 What to look for in a uranium investment now

25:56 Due diligence process for niche metal plays

28:50 Discussing Ecuador as a mining jurisdiction

34:02 What Matt looks for in a development company

Matt’s H2 2019 Investor Letter:

Matt’s website:

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