Adrian Day: Big Mistake for Major Miners to Boost Their Dividends

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management is a seasoned investor, speaker, author, and fund manager.  In this interview at PDAC 2020, Adrian shares his commentary on the gold and resource sector and his observations at PDAC.  He discusses at what point gold royalties could be considered overvalued as well as how to value a single asset producer.  Also, Adrian shares why he believes it is a big mistake for the major miners to be boosting their dividends right now.

0:15 Introduction

1:08 Adrian’s clients’ responses to recent sell-off

2:44 Base metals commentary

3:54 At what point do gold royalties become overvalued?

7:36 How to value small, single asset producers

9:06 Commentary on mid-tier miners

10:26 Are major miners giving away dividends too early?

13:02 ESG issues overemphasized?

14:40 PDAC observations

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