Keith Neumeyer: Miners Need To Stop Supplying the COMEX

The big banks, including the Federal Reserve, don’t have the best interest of investors in mind, says First Majestic Silver’s CEO Keith Neumeyer. How they manipulate and control precious metals prices via the COMEX is a blatant example of this. Keith says now is the time for the miners to stop supplying the COMEX.

In this interview Keith comments regarding recent precious metals price action and what this recent stock market crash historically resembles. He addresses whether one can successfully trade such a volatile and unpredictable market such as what we are seeing. Furthermore, Keith addresses some investor questions about First Majestic Silver and how the company plans to grow. Keith also discusses why he likes and is a key investor in Silver One Resources.

0:15 Introduction
1:50 Commentary on recent precious metals price action
5:13 Can one successfully trade this current market?
7:05 Gold/Silver ratio commentary
9:41 Historical comparison to recent stock market crash
11:57 How long will this crisis affect the markets?
13:51 First Majestic’s AISC relative to silver spot price?
16:40 Does First Majestic’s debt affect share price?
19:19 Silver reserves relative to First Majestic’s market cap?
21:31 How will First Majestic continue to grow?
23:23 Type of project First Majestic would acquire
25:54 Why Keith likes Silver One Resources

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