Rick Rule: Threatened Pandemic Could Lengthen Resource Bull Market

Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott US Holdings, provides his insights on investing in today’s junior resource market and shares a possible scenario in which the coronavirus could lengthen the coming resource bull market.  In this interview from the Sprott Inc. headquarters in Toronto, Rick offers a broker’s perspective on the recent gold stock sell-off and addresses whether gold royalty companies are overvalued now.  He also addresses management teams to avoid and shares what to look out for in regards to a junior mining companies G&A expenses and IPO share structure.

0:15 Introduction

2:57 Broker’s perspective on recent gold stock sell-off

4:49 Technical damage from last week’s gold sector sell-off?

5:49 Commentary on small producers self-funding exploration

7:26 Private placements always need to offer warrants?

9:02 How often have you exercised PP warrants?

11:28 Discussing appropriate G&A expenses

15:14 Okay with management extending & repricing options?

16:11 Commentary on typical Vancouver IPO share structure

18:00 Are royalty companies overvalued now?

19:47 Discussing investable management teams

22:18 Final 2020 resource investing advice

If you would like Rick to review your portfolio, per the instructions provided in the interview, email him at rankings@sprottglobal.com

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