Nolan Watson: Sandstorm Gold Should Be Cash-flowing >$150M/year in Three Years

Nolan Watson is the president, CEO and co-founder of Sandstorm Gold Royalties. In this interview, Nolan presents Sandstorm’s investment value proposition and answers several questions about the company’s strategy and plan for growth.  Nolan shared that Sandstorm is debt-free and should be cash-flowing over $150M per year in three years.

0:15 Introduction

2:25 Why invest in Sandstorm in less than 90sec?

4:28 Why buy Sandstorm instead of GDX or GDXJ?

7:15 Why buy Sandstorm instead of the bigger gold royalty plays?

9:09 Are you still buying back Sandstorm shares?

11:23 Under what circumstances would Sandstorm issue shares?

13:02 Mistakes you made in last gold cycle which you won’t repeat?

14:45 Is it a good time for Sandstorm to be buying new royalties?

16:35 Are major gold miners giving out dividends too early?

18:12 If precious metals soar will streaming contracts be renegotiated?

20:43 Would Sandstorm invest in more than gold?

21:35 Where are the best royalty/streaming opportunities now?

22:27 Any junior miners you’ve personally invested in beyond Sandstorm?

23:49 Sandstorm key milestones

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