Dan Oliver: Ideal Macro Environment for Gold Miners Coming

Mining Stock Education · Dan Oliver: Ideal Macro Environment for Gold Miners Coming

In this interview, Dan Oliver shares that he sees the ideal macro environment for gold miners coming.  Dan also provides his insights on the economy, Federal Reserve’s actions, gold and gold stocks.  Daniel Oliver Jr. appears regularly as a guest on financial media outlets, lectures at monetary and investment conferences, and publishes articles on gold, interest rates, and the Federal Reserve.  He manages Myrmikan Capital, an advisory firm specializing in precious metals investments, and is president of the Committee for Monetary Research & Education, which was founded by in 1970 by distinguished monetary scholars and financial professionals concerned by the threats to monetary stability introduced at Bretton Woods.  Mr. Oliver has a J.D from Columbia Law School and an M.B.A. from INSEAD.  He is currently writing a book on the history of credit bubbles.

0:15 Introduction

1:07 Economy is stalled yet stock market is climbing?

3:30 Will Federal Reserve continue to act as almighty over the markets?

6:50 Will general equities continue to rise or sell-off soon?

10:26 Will gold & gold stocks sell off sharply again?

13:55 USD outlook?

15:54 What type of economic recovery do you see?

18:31 Marin Katusa says only invest in gold companies with projects in countries with SWAP lines with U.S. Fed Reserve…your thoughts?

24:43 Where is the best value in junior gold sector now?

27:26 Do you invest in gold royalty companies?

29:50 Info regarding Dan’s monthly articles

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