Conference Board Launches Podcast Series On The Future Of Work

OTTAWA, Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Conference Board of Canada, in partnership with the Future Skills Centre (FSC), is pleased to release a new podcast series on the future of work in Canada.

The six-episode podcast series explores the emerging challenges facing Canadian workers and the labour market. Two decades into the 21st century, Canada is facing wide-reaching demographic and technological changes that pose significant challenges to the world of work.

The Future Skills podcast series explores the shifting nature of work and how Canada can compete in an increasingly interconnected world. In each episode, leading experts unpack a unique issue facing Canadians and hear varying perspectives from community members, decision-makers and thought leaders. Each discussion focuses on solutions and finding paths forward.

“The nature of work is changing at an accelerated rate,” says Matthew McKean, Director, Education and Skills, at The Conference Board of Canada. “There are numerous pressures being exerted on Canadians, from working at home and rapid technological change to the so called ‘gig economy’ and the shift towards a cashless society. This podcast delves deep into the issues impacting society and looks at solutions to the many challenges.”

Topics explored in the podcast series include “Developing Social and Emotional Skills in an Automated World,” “Addressing Inequalities in the Workforce,” and “Bridging the Gap Between Work and Education,” among others. Each episode features insightful conversations with experts in their field who explore areas such as apprenticeships, the current education system, underrepresented groups in the workforce, and the need to upgrade skills throughout a career.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Conference Board on this podcast series,” says Pedro Barata, Executive Director of the Future Skills Centre. “Every episode takes on big issues in the labour market, grappling with social and economic questions that impact us all. It’s a great way for listeners to learn about the ways in which we need to adapt to an increasingly unpredictable world.”

The first podcast episode, “Developing Social and Emotional Skills in an Automated World,” is now available on The Conference Board of Canada’s website, as well as Apple podcasts and Spotify. Additional episodes will be available every two weeks after August 17th. The complete list of episodes is as follows:

Episode #1: Developing Social and Emotional Skills in an Automated World
Episode #2: Addressing Inequalities in the Workforce
Episode #3: Transitioning to a Digital, Green, and Human Future
Episode #4: Upskilling & Reskilling (Mid-Career Workers)
Episode #5: Bridging the Gap Between Work and Education
Episode #6: Gig Economy & Independent Workers

About The Conference Board of Canada
The Conference Board of Canada is the country’s leading independent research organization. Our mission is to empower and inspire leaders to build a stronger future for all Canadians through our trusted research and unparalleled connections. Follow The Conference Board of Canada on Twitter @ConfBoardofCda

About the Future Skills Centre (FSC)
Future Skills Centre is a forward-thinking research and collaboration hub dedicated to preparing Canadians for employment success and meeting the emerging talent needs of employers. As a pan-Canadian community, FSC brings together experts and organizations across sectors to rigorously identify, assess, and share innovative approaches to develop the skills needed to drive prosperity and inclusion. FSC is directly involved in innovation through investments in pilot projects and academic research on the future of work and skills in Canada. The Future Skills Centre is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Program.

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