Gold Producers’ Free Cash Flow Is Attracting Generalist Investors says Frank Holmes

Mining Stock Education · Gold Producers’ Free Cash Flow Is Attracting Generalist Investors says Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes of U.S. Global Investors shares insights on gold and the gold mining sector.  He discusses his gold ETF GOAU and the type of inflows they are seeing.  Frank offers advice on how to play the volatility of the precious metals market and offers a gold junior that he believes is undervalued.  He also discusses timing the airline industry rebound as a speculator and shares some other investment possibilities he likes now.

Mr. Holmes purchased a controlling interest in U.S. Global Investors in 1989 and became the firm’s chief investment officer in 1999. In 2006, Mr. Holmes was selected mining fund manager of the year by the Mining Journal, and in 2011 he was named a U.S. Metals and Mining “TopGun” by Brendan Wood International. In 2016, Mr. Holmes and portfolio manager Ralph Aldis received the award for Best Americas Based Fund Manager from the Mining Journal. He is also the co-author of The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing. More than 30,000 subscribers follow his weekly commentary in the award-winning Investor Alert newsletter which is read in over 180 countries.

0:00 Introduction

1:40 Timeframe for $4,000 gold?

3:27 Covid-19 vaccine to crush gold’s run?

4:09 Gold Producers’ FCF attracting generalists

6:54 Frank’s gold ETF GOAU explained

8:38 Type of GOAU inflows past 6 months

9:57 How to play the precious metals market volatility

13:11 Type of junior gold stocks you are investing in?

14:43 Deploying cash into base metal miners?

15:18 Timing the airline rebound trade

18:24 Other asset classes Frank likes now

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