Innovation-on-Demand: ARTAZN™ Announces Expansion of Product Development Lab

GREENEVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ARTAZN LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of coin blanks, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zinc strip and applied zinc products, has officially announced an exciting development of its capabilities for collaborative innovation with its partners: an expansion of its current product development lab. With the increase of lab infrastructure and personnel, ARTAZN™ and its customers can join forces in creating niche products with unique properties, further highlighting zinc’s potential to solve a number of needs across a variety of industries. And based on its initial products, the program is set to be an incredible tool — and success — for all participants.

By combining zinc with other properties to meet specific customer applications, the lab has already created a number of material solutions for the coinage, automotive, manufacturing, and specialty industries. From high-draw battery cans and controlled etch and surface photo engraving plates to fuse elements for enhanced electrical conductivity, here are a few more examples of the lab’s most notable innovations to date:

ZincSecure®: The greatest success story of the program, ZincSecure®, is a coinage alternative manufactured to provide superior security and performance while also providing a cost-effective solution to mints and banks who otherwise depend on high-cost alloy coins (HSA) and low-value bank notes. Through the lab’s innovations, it is now possible to plate nickel on zinc through a special annealing process to relieve the stress of the plating layer. For ARTAZN, one of the world’s leading coin blank manufacturers circulating more than 300 billion coin blanks across 20 countries, ZincSecure® isn’t just a material innovation, it’s an industry game changer.

Low Conductivity Fuses: Exclusively from ARTAZN, these new, lower conductivity alloys allow for precision manufacturing of ultra-low amperage automotive blade fuses that were historically difficult to produce.

Hollow LifeDowel™: A critical structural component in jointed concrete pavements, ARTAZN’s hollow dowel is less than half the weight of competitors’ options, making it easier and safer to handle while also meeting or exceeding load and deflection test criterion. Even more, it’s also a cost-effective choice for high-performance design.

Grounding Mat: An anode-grade grounding mat specifically designed to work with cathodically protected and isolated structures, this grounding mat increases soil contact, thereby reducing contact resistance and improving grounding capacity, as compared to traditional grounding methods. Guarantees simple and low-cost installation.

Guard Rail Accessories: Solid zinc components used in guard rail designs add to corrosion resistance while also enhancing safety attributes of the structure.

Regarding ARTAZN’s product lab expansion, Tom Wennogle, President of ARTAZN LLC, has stated: ”We have been in the zinc industry for decades and place a high value on innovation. Our expanded product development lab creates an opportunity for partnering with our customers to develop high-quality products for their unique needs, as we leverage the hidden benefits of zinc, such as cost-effectiveness, durability, ductility, and formability.”

The product development lab is one initiative among many that allows ARTAZN to elevate deliverables for the coinage, stamping, automotive, and cathodic protection industries. Also on the horizon, new possibilities with the Jadex Inc. corporate-wide sustainability platform—an initiative that will put the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and developing products with a low carbon footprint into motion.

Stay tuned for even more exciting innovations.


ARTAZN™, a Jadex Inc. company, is a US-based manufacturer of zinc strip, applied zinc products, and ZincSecure®, a high security zinc-based coinage product. Headquartered in Greeneville, Tennessee, they are the largest North American producer of solid zinc strip and zinc-based products and one of the largest in the world. The company has been producing zinc strips for over 130 years and is one of the leading coin blank manufacturers, with 300 billion coins released into circulation in more than 20 countries around the world. The company also supplies for customers in the automotive, architectural, building, cathodic protection, and specialty industries. To learn more, visit


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