Jade Leader’s Wyoming Sky Zone Yields First Documented Bedrock Source of High-Quality Jade Historically Found as Alluvial Material

CALGARY, ALBERTA / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2020 / Jade Leader Corp. (TSX.V:JADE) (“Jade Leader”, or “The Company”) is pleased to report on recent progress on its Wyoming Jade projects, including field work and Jade recovery from the newly defined Sky zone and testing of a representative selection of 2019 trenching samples.

Importantly, although extracted directly from enclosing bedrock, Jades recovered from the Sky Zone show both the irregular shapes and fine-grained textures of high quality, fine-grained Jades typically found at surface and long believed to be either alluvial deposits or ventifacts (stones sculpted by wind-blown sand). Historically these have been some of Wyoming’s highest quality Jades, yet zealous surface collecting over the last century has reportedly nearly exhausted supplies (Wyoming Geological Survey reference to the historical material can be found at www.wsgs.wyo.gov/minerals/gemstones). As the only currently documented in-situ occurrence of this type of material, the Sky Zone provides the first indication that this Jade is not simply a weathering product and opens the possibility of future larger-volume production from hard-rock sources.

Sky Zone

The Sky Zone is the northeastern continuation of the Jade mineralization found in Trenches T1A and T1C in September/October of 2019 ( ref: NR 19-06, October 1, 2019 and NR 19-07 of October 24 2019). Small samples of Jade recovered at that time were processed over the winter with standard lapidary equipment to determine the material’s color texture and consistency. This revealed very fine-grained, cryptocrystalline nephrite Jade with high translucency and uniform green colors. The target was revisited in July of 2020 to determine the geological controls on Jade distribution and to obtain larger samples for processing and potential test-marketing of Jade from the zone.

The Sky Zone has now been mapped over 49 feet (15 meters) of strike length, with Jade occurring as irregular lenses, nodules and pods within shear zones associated with an intrusive pegmatite dyke. The jade occurs along the pegmatite contact and in quartz veins and fracture fillings extending up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) into the country rock from the intrusive body. Samples were recovered from their hard rock source matrix by hand drilling and prying blocks free. The zone currently remains open in all directions.

A total of 110 pounds (49.9 Kg) of fine-grained green Jade has been recovered from the Sky Zone, with the largest single sample weighing 25.6 pounds (11.6 Kg). Another 51 pounds of Jade, partially to completely altered to a cream/ivory color, was also recovered. The most unusual Jade found was about 30 lbs. (13 kg) of green Jade with inclusions of sharp quartz crystals; this may have significant mineral specimen potential. Samples of all three types will be cleaned, classified and photographed for test marketing in local and international markets.

Observations linking the in-situ Sky Jades with Wyoming’s historical surface high quality jades are made on the basis of the irregular shapes of the lenses, pods and nodules, their fine grain and consistent color as well as presence of quartz inclusions.

Photographs of the in-situ, extracted material and an initial polished sample of the Jade are included in this release as Pictorial-Sky Zone Jades (A-E).

Additional 2019 Trench Sample Evaluations

A total of 38 of the 52 samples recovered from trench T1C in September 2019 (combined weight of 1,930 pounds (875.4 Kg)) were selected for testing as representative of the breccia-hosted Jades of the T1 target area.

These samples were cut on one side to expose the stone’s internal color, texture and translucency for detailed description. 36 of the stones ( 95% by weight of samples tested) passed the testing and workability evaluation; the remainder had defects and failed.

The material that passed is medium-grained and has a fairly uniform, mottled, medium to dark green color. It shows few fractures and has excellent competency. Translucency varies with grain size, and generally allowed light transmission of a few millimeters from a point source Jade light. Six of the samples were fully sanded and polished to show the range of colors and textures of the material. (See attached pictorial, T1 Target Ornamental Jades).

Thin (1-4 mm) slices of T1 target Jade collected south and west of trench T1C during the program were also cut to evaluate the stone’s suitability as ornamental or architectural stone. The stone testing results to date have been very encouraging, so the Company has commenced a product development program based on this material to generate marketable finished product examples for test marketing in local and international markets.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Jutras, P.Geol., President of the Company, is the Qualified Person for the Company’s Jade projects as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has approved the technical disclosure contained in this news release.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

“Jean-Pierre Jutras”
Jean-Pierre Jutras, President/Director

Pictorial-Sky Zone Jades

Pictorial-T1 Target Ornamental Jades

SOURCE: Jade Leader Corp.

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