East Asia Will Lead the Global Economy says Analyst Jayant Bhandari

Mining Stock Education · East Asia Will Lead the Global Economy says Analyst Jayant Bhandari

Analyst Jayant Bhandari explains that East Asia will lead the global economy.  He also discusses investment opportunities in the junior resource sector including potential arbitrage plays.  Jayant is constantly traveling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sector. He advises institutional investors about his finds. He was a Director on the board of Gold Canyon, a publicly-listed Canadian company, until its merger with another entity. Earlier, he worked for six years with US Global Investors (San Antonio, Texas), a boutique natural resource investment firm, and for one year with Casey Research. Before emigrating from India, he started and ran Indian subsidiary operations of two European companies.  Jayant runs a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver called Capitalism & Morality.

00:00 Introduction

1:35 East Asia will lead the global economy

4:16 U.S.A.’s ability to hinder Chinese economy?

7:27 Investment strategies for today’s political environment?

8:31 Singapore to overtake New York as world’s financial capital?

9:39 Questions financial institutions are asking Jayant

11:32 Analyzing gold companies

12:24 Giga Metals’ directors sell shares into rumor-fueled share price spike

15:54 Avoid management teams you cannot properly vet

17:03 Junior mining arbitrage opportunities

20:09 Possible 100% annual gains playing junior mining arbitrages

21:52 Comparing Irving Resources versus Japan Gold Corp.

25:44 Capitalism and Morality seminar 2021


Jayant Bhandari | How to Profit from Arbitrage in Junior Mining Stocks

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