Resource Investing in 2021 with Rick Rule

Mining Stock Education · Resource Investing in 2021 with Rick Rule

In this interview Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, discusses resource investing in 2021.  Some topics include whether lithium miners will see a sustained uptrend, speculating in niche metals, and artificial intelligence in early-stage exploration.  Rick addresses what catalysts Sprott Inc. could see in 2021.  He also provides commentary on the recent political upheaval in the U.S. and the World Economic Forum’s desired “Great Reset”.  Rick concludes the interview by reminding listeners that he will review mining stock portfolios when they submit them to Sprott for a free portfolio review.

0:00 Introduction

0:15 Recent events in U.S. affect Sprott’s view on how investors should plan for 2021?

4:54 Rick’s take on “The Great Reset”

7:21 How instrumental are your geologists to assessing early-stage exploration plays?

10:24 A.I. in exploration

11:59 Sustainable breakout in lithium miners now?

13:14 Green energy

15:01 Narrative & niche metals

16:57 What Sprott lending requires re: hedging for a CAPEX loan?

19:35 Sprott Inc. catalysts

21:12 Sprott Symposium virtual in 2021?

22:43 Rick will review your portfolio

If you would like Rick to review your mining stock portfolio reach out to him at:

Make sure to include the names of the companies as well as the ticker symbols.

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