Silver Could Be $60/oz Now but Not $1,000/oz says Kerry Lutz

Mining Stock Education · Silver Could Be $60/oz Now but Not $1,000/oz says Kerry Lutz

Silver could be $60/oz now but not $1,000/oz says Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network.  Kerry discusses silver in light of recent WallStreetBets Reddit group’s attempted #SilverSqueeze.  He also shares how hedge funds probably functioned on both sides of the squeeze attempt as it was not purely a David vs. Goliath event.  Kerry provides a reasonable argument for why silver could legitimately be priced at $60/oz today. Finally, he offers the reminder that silver is ultimately a financial insurance policy but it could also yield major riches.

0:00 Introduction

1:14 Hedge funds’ role in the WallStreetBets’ organized short squeezes

7:57 #SilverSqueeze commentary

9:32 Silver price manipulation commentary

12:24 Silver price commentary

17:13 Millennials awakened to #silver last week

18:23 Silver insurance policy that could yield major riches

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