What to Look for When Investing in Gold Producers with Retired IAMGOLD CEO Steve Letwin

Mining Stock Education · What to Look for When Investing in Gold Producers with Retired IAMGOLD CEO Steve Letwin

Retired IAMGOLD CEO Steve Letwin discusses what to look for when investing in gold producers.  Steve Letwin was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer and director of the Board of IAMGOLD on November 1, 2010. Specializing in corporate finance, operational management, and mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Letwin brought to IAMGOLD over 30 years of experience from the highly-competitive resource sector. During his time with IAMGOLD, he aligned the Company with a vision of an intermediate, pure gold play, managed government relations with our partners in Suriname, Burkina Faso and Senegal, and led corporate strategy.  In January 2021, Steve retired from IAMGOLD.  In February 2021, Steve took on the role of president and CEO of the Mancal Corporation in the energy sector.  Steve has been on the board of Mancal since its inception in 1999.

0:00 Introduction

2:04 What can the gold sector can learn from the oil sector?

4:33 Will gold producer CEOs make the same mistakes as last cycle?

5:44 Consolidation needed among gold mid-tier producers?

7:43 Best M&A transaction in past year?

9:07 What should execs do so that excesses of the last gold peak do no reoccur?

11:48 Balancing investor short-term expectations with company’s long-term interest

15:03 Investor misconceptions

18:26 Advice to gold execs developing their first producing asset

21:00 Using debt to grow a gold producer

22:42 Ideal gold development project

26:34 Outlook for oil and gas sector

29:35 Steve’s new role with Mancal Corporation

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