Marc Faber Likes These Mining Stocks

Mining Stock Education · Marc Faber Likes These Mining Stocks

Marc Faber shares several mining stocks he likes in this interview.  He also discusses whether we might see a commodity supercycle.  Marc also offers thoughts on the prospects of $100 oil this year, renewable energy investing and why investing in uranium could be become very profitable.  He addresses whether U.S. general equities are in a bubble and believes that “volatility will go up a lot.”

Marc Faber is the editor and publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.”  More information can be found on his website

0:00 Introduction

1:00 Commodity supercycle commencing?

3:43 Commodities with clear supply crunch?

5:30 $100 oil this year?

6:30 Uranium

7:30 Inflation, Deflation or Stagflation?

9:59 U.S. Stock market bubble?

12:46 Precious metals stocks

14:59 “Volatility will go up a lot”

16:44 Mining stocks Marc likes

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