Masterclass on How to Make Millions Speculating in ExploreCos with Rick Rule

Mining Stock Education · Masterclass on How to Make Millions Speculating in ExploreCos with Rick Rule

Rick Rule provides a one-hour masterclass on how to make millions speculating in mining exploration stocks.  Rick believes that exploration “is the thing that is going to work in 2022” and that people are not paying enough attention to it.  He outlines the key things mining investors should know about exploreco speculation. Rick offers candid commentary on “the good, the bad and the truly ugly” of how the junior resource operates. Brian Leni of and Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education ask Rick questions.  Finally, Rick shares about his upcoming conference and reminds the MSE audience that he is still doing portfolio reviews.

Rick’s online conference this summer

0:00 Introduction

1:09 Exploration is the thing for 2022

6:32 How to value an exploreco?

15:48 “As a speculator you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be better than the competition.”

19:57 Three categories of exploreco speculation

27:32 Any metal or deposit type you prefer?

29:39 Vetting new exploration methods

33:46 Focus on people to tilt odds in your favor

36:29 Rick avoids overly promoted “hot” area plays

41:10 Further discussing exploreco valuations

42:20 How to view $1B+ market cap for gold exploreco with no resource?

45:11 How to value the subjective

48:09 What about explorecos that don’t market enough?

49:28 Rick’s advice after review thousands of retail mining investors’ portfolios

54:48 Rick’s conference this summer

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