Most Undervalued Gold Stock in Canada’s Hottest Jurisdiction with Matador Mining Chair Ian Murray

Mining Stock Education · Most Undervalued Gold Stock in Canada’s Hottest Jurisdiction with Matador Mining Chair Ian Murray

Matador Mining (ASX:MZZ | OTCQX:MZZMF | FSE:MA3) is the most undervalued gold stock in Canada’s hottest jurisdiction of Newfoundland says Ian Murray. Ian thought so highly of Matador Mining’s potential that he came out of retirement a year ago to become its executive chairman. Prior to Matador, Ian was the executive at the helm of Gold Road Resources overseeing its gold discovery and advancement. Ian shared, “So here [at Matador Mining] you’ve got this gold bearing shear zone in a tier one jurisdiction with a very supportive, Newfoundland government and Canadian government wanting more exploration, more mine development on the island. And it can be sitting on what I think, as the saying goes, is a gold mine. It is 120 strike kilometers, which has never been tested except in one area where we’ve got 840,000 gold ounces. So for me, it was, ‘Wow, this is fantastic. Let’s build up another team here.’ At DRDGOLD, that was over a 10-bagger when I was running that company. Gold Road went from 5 cents to a $1.90 for shareholders. And I see at Matador, we can do exactly the same thing here. Be smart with the exploration, make the big discoveries, build up the critical mass, and then look at converting that into production and into cashflow for shareholders.”

0:00 Introduction

1:00 Why Bill chose to feature Matador Mining

2:45 Ian took Gold Road Resources from 5 cents to $1.90/share

5:16 Ian’s experience with U.S. investors via DRDGOLD

6:50 Matador’s potential lured Ian out of retirement

9:32 Cape Ray Gold project (840k AuOz at PEA stage)

13:56 Best gold deposit yet to be found

15:13 Australian approach to exploration imported to Canada

18:48 200 diamond holes in current 20,000m+ drilling program

21:31 Undervalued relative to Newfoundland peers

24:09 Treasury and burn rate

26:18 Upcoming catalysts

Matador Mining Corporate Presentation



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