Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: Capex Financings, Jurisdictions & Stock Pick

Mining Stock Education · Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: CapEx Financings, Jurisdictions & Stock Pick

Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert resource sector commentary in this interview. He shares his analysis of the recently-announced capex financings for Marathon Gold and Rio2. Joe comments on the Fortuna and Roxgold merger. He also shares one stock pick and offers his opinion on Guatemala, South African and the ‘stan’ nations as mining jurisdictions.

Joe Mazumdar is editor and analyst at Exploration Insights. Joe has an extensive, multi-decade background in working for both mining companies and the financial institutions that cover and invest in mining equities. He possesses an excellent understanding of geology, the process of exploration and development, and what it takes to run and finance a mining company.

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Do you only sell jr miners based on fundamentals & not sentiment?
3:01 Marathon Gold’s CapEx financing analysis
7:27 Rio2 CapEx financing analysis
13:04 Fortuna & Roxgold merger
16:35 South Africa as a mining jurisdiction
18:48 Guatemala as a mining jurisdiction
21:34 Investing in the “stan” nations
23:50 Stock pick

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