How to Find Mining Stock 10-baggers with Expert John Kaiser (1-hr Masterclass)

Mining Stock Education · How to Find Mining Stock 10-baggers with Expert John Kaiser (1-hr Masterclass)

Expert John Kaiser of reveals how he finds junior mining stock 10-baggers.  He distills 30+ years of experience down to the essentials in this one-hour masterclass and provides listeners with a paradigm for finding and analyzing potential 10-baggers in the resource sector.  John uses Eskay Mining Corp. as an historical example of how to identify a potential 10-bagger before they run up.

John Kaiser was born in Vancouver, Canada and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1982 with a BA in philosophy and German. In January 1983 he began work as a research assistant with Continental Carlisle Douglas, a Vancouver brokerage firm that specialized in Vancouver Stock Exchange listed securities. In 1989 he moved to Pacific International Securities Inc where he was research director until April 1994 when he moved to the United States with his family. From 1989 until 1994 he was also a registered investment advisor.

John Kaiser worked six months as a researcher for Bob Bishop’s Gold Mining Stock Report before branching out on his own with the publication of the first issue of the Kaiser Bottom-Fishing Report in October 1994. Initially a print newsletter, the Kaiser Bottom-Fishing Report evolved into Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online which, with the addition of a powerful category-based search engine in 2012, evolved into Kaiser Research Online whose mandate is to serve as a research tool covering all resource sector stocks. In 2017 KRO expanded to include ASX listings.

John’s website:

John’s presentation used in this episode

0:00 Introduction
1:35 Bottom fishing method history
3:40 Momentum vs Fundamental Outcome Gambling
6:12 Cycles that affect resource junior pricing
7:50 DJIA Comparison of 2 Major Crashes (Macroview)
11:04 Eskay Mining Corp. example 10-bagger
14:20 Company life cycle: structure & people
17:40 Company life cycle: capital
21:24 Company life cycle: story
22:30 Project Exploration-Development Cycle
24:18 Implied outcome visualized
28:24 Economic geology: the size of the prize
37:03 Pricing a junior mining stock bet
42:00 Story & value: assigning speculative value
44:42 Milestone timeline
46:46 Kaiser Research Online tools to help find 10-baggers

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