Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: $GOLD $GATO $AMC $HYMC $TMQ $TRQ $RIO

Mining Stock Education · Expert Mining Sector Analysis with Joe Mazumdar: $GOLD $GATO $AMC $HYMC $TMQ $TRQ $RIO

Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights provides expert resource sector commentary in this interview. He analyzes AMC Movie Theater and Eric Sprott’s financing of Hycroft Mining and its subsequent 10-fold move in the past two weeks. Joe shares the significance of Barrick working with the Pakistan government to advance the massive Reko Diq copper-gold project. He comments on Rio Tinto’s all-cash offer to acquire Turquoise Hill Resources. Joe addresses the Biden administration’s challenging of Trilogy Metals’ road permit and the frustrating trend of the current US government’s increasing unfriendliness to mining projects. He explains why the Gatos Silver disaster occurred and why narrow vein mining is so difficult. Furthermore, Joe offers insights on how the Russia-Ukraine-NATO conflict affects commodities investors.

Joe Mazumdar is co-editor and analyst at Exploration Insights. Joe has an extensive, multi-decade background in working for both mining companies and the financial institutions that cover and invest in mining equities. He possesses an excellent understanding of geology, the process of exploration and development, and what it takes to run and finance a mining company.

0:00 Introduction
0:30 $AMC & Eric Sprott financing $HYMC
4:14 $HYMC FOMO?
7:02 No general jr mining stock lift from $HYMC promo
8:46 $RIO cash offer to acquire $TRQ
11:15 $GOLD advancing Reko Diq copper-gold project in Pakistan
15:25 $TMQ road permit issue unfairness
22:47 Russia-Ukraine-NATO conflict’s effect on commodities
27:02 Narrow-vein mining challenges: $GATO

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