“I’ve Never Lost. I Just Need More Time” says Mining Entrepreneur Ivan Bebek (biographical episode)

Mining Stock Education · “I’ve Never Lost. I Just Need More Time” says Mining Entrepreneur Ivan Bebek (biographical episode)

Mining Entrepreneur Ivan Bebek shares his mindset and motivations in this 40-minute biographical episode. Ivan reveals how he got started investing in mining stocks as a teenager. He discusses how he went from a negative million-dollar net worth as a 23-year-old Vancouver stock broker to being worth millions of dollars while still in his 20’s. He shares about the multiple dramatic swings in net worth he has experienced as a mining investor and entrepreneur and what he learned from those experiences. Ivan explains why he left behind the brokerage side of the mining business for the issuer side. He reflects upon the success and challenges he experienced as a co-founder of Keegan Resources and Cayden Resources. Finally, Ivan shares his bullish take on Fury Gold Mines, Tier One Silver, Coppernico Metals and Torq Resources, all of which Ivan co-founded and helped bring to the market.

Currently Ivan is the CEO and co-founder of Coppernico Metals Inc. Coppernico is an exploration company focused on creating value for shareholders and stakeholders through the exploration and discovery of world-class copper-gold and nickel deposits in South America. The Company’s management and technical teams have a successful track record in raising capital, discovery and monetization of exploration successes. The Company is currently focused on the Sombrero and Takana districts in Peru. Coppernico Metals Inc. is currently an unlisted reporting issuer and is seeking Canadian and U.S. listings. In this interview, Ivan Bebek, President and CEO, provides an update on the company’s progress and plans.

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Ivan’s early career and journey into the mining sector
4:00 Why Ivan transitioned from brokerage to issuer side of mining business
5:20 Founding Keegan Resources & then Cayden Resources
10:37 Birth of Auryn Resources & huge win as investor in Gold Standard Ventures
12:58 What Ivan has learned through huge wins and challenges in his career
18:54 When does the darling status wear off?
21:52 Ivan’s commitment to Fury Gold, Tier One Silver, Torq Resources & Coppernico Metals shareholders
27:55 Why did you choose to be the CEO of Coppernico Metals after Auryn spinouts?
29:51 Your greatest mistake from the Auryn merger/spinoff?
33:35 Where do you envision yourself five years from now?

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