How Not To Lose Money With Junior Mining Stocks (40-min discussion with Rick Rule & Brian Leni)

Mining Stock Education · How Not To Lose Money With Junior Mining Stocks (40-min discussion with Rick Rule & Brian Leni)

Rick Rule shares sage mining stock investing advice in 40-minute discussion with Bill Powers and Brian Leni of  He discusses jurisdictional risk generally and analyzes G Mining’s finance package which included a gold stream.  Rick provides somewhat of an autopsy of Alexco Resources which is being “taken under” by Hecla and discloses why he sold his shares a long time ago. He provides his view on juniors taking bridge loans and explains why rights offers are “the fairest of all financing mechanisms”.  Rick shares his thoughts on deep sea and asteroid mining.  He reveals where some of the best risk/reward opportunities are in the resource sector right now.  Finally, Rick explains why he likes “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” and shares about his upcoming symposium and offers to review listener’s mining portfolios.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Jurisdictional risk
4:24 When deals began to seek Rick out, not vice versa
11:05 G Mining’s finance package including a gold stream
13:06 Alexco Resources’ autopsy
17:04 Exiting a position when there is change of mission
19:22 Thoughts on juniors financing via bridge loans
22:09 Rights offering: the fairest of all financing mechanisms
27:04 Will & when will financial system go back to gold standard?
31:23 Deep Sea mining or asteroid mining?
32:58 Best risk/reward opportunity in resource sector now?
38:08 Why Rick likes “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz”
40:10 Rick Rule’s Symposium (July 26-29 in Boca Rotan, FL)
Rick’s Symposium:

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